Corporate Account Required Documents

A. Initial Documentation:

  1. Completed Account Application
  2. Signature Page of Customer Agreement
  3. Clear copy of unexpired and valid passports of each Directors/Partners/Trustees
  4. Driver’s License, National ID or Other Government Issued ID (with picture) of each
  5. Most recent utility bill, local authority tax bill or bank statement of entity
  6. Limited Power of Attorney (Only if applicable)
  7. Tax Form


B. Entity Documentation:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation (Corporate)
  2. Articles of Association/ Incorporation or Certified True Copy of Partnership, or Trust Agreement (As the case maybe)
  3. Certificate of Registered Office (Corporate,/Partnership)
  4. Certificate of Directors and Secretary (Corporate)
  5. Certificate of Shareholders (Corporate/Partnership)
  6. Photo-IDs of Each Director, Partner, Principal or Trustee
  7. Current Certificate of Good Standing (Corporate/Partnership)
  8. Resolution of the Board of Directors for the opening of FX & CFD account and granting authority to those who will manage it (for Corporate/Partnership). MUST BE W/CORPORATE SEAL OR NOTARIZED
  9. List of all Directors, Partners, Principals, Trustees, etc. if not included in other documents (whichever applies). MUST BE W/CORPORATE SEAL OR NOTARIZED.
  10. Personal Guaranty (Optional) (Corporate)


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