How can I reduce the risks I am exposed to whilst trading ?

* The usage of Stop Loss/Take Profit/Trailing Stop
A good practice of risk management applied whilst trading includes the use of functionality which limits losses and captures profits.

* Take informed trading decisions by testing the trading conditions
Before opening a live account, you must be aware of the trading conditions provided by the broker and the trading platforms available to you.
This can be done by trading on a demo account.

* Test different leverage levels
Upon choosing a leverage, bear in mind that as the leverage increases, so does the risk you are exposed to. Thus, even though a lower leverage requires more funds for placing trades over the market, it will also lower the risk you are facing.

* Choose the appropriate volume
With a higher volume, the pip value increases, thus each market movement can bring you higher profits but also exposes you to higher losses, than trading with a lower volume.

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